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Negotiating Tips You Can Use

  Negotiations are something many people dread. Usually, fear holds people back. They don't want to appear rude, they think they don't have what it takes, or they're afraid of being told no. The flip side is that many things are up for negotiation, from job salaries to home prices. Even saving a little bit off the price of something can result in serious savings over time. Fortunately, you can minimize the stress of negotiations by planning for them. Doing even a modest amount of preparation can help in two ways. First, you'll feel a lot more comfortable trying to negotiate something. Second, you'll have facts and tactics ready when it comes time to the actual conversation. In terms of preparing yourself for a negotiation, ask yourself these four questions: What are you looking to get? What's the least you will take? What are you willing to give up or exchange if you need to? How much do you know about the other party's position? Don't assume that you ha

Three Tips to Grow as Leader by Embracing Conflicts

  Emotional Intelligence is a book authored by Daniel Goleman. He has brought out four major components of emotional intelligence: kind, gentle, self and social recognition, and self-management. Notably, many people have equated emotional intelligence with these four components and more so, getting along with other people plays a crucial role in managing relationships. While management might seem easy to some, you will have to deal with challenging conversations and learn how to manage conflict. Despite having a high EQ, creating an environment that encourages others to work with you is the right decision to make. However, you must be ready to face some setbacks in your management since you will not agree with everyone. While planning to stay out of trouble and managing conflict, you will need to read the signs and move with speed to ensure that you address the conflict in the right way that fosters growth, not for a specific group but everyone. Although some consider leaders' co

Avoid These Investment Mistakes

  Investing can make or break you financially. In the beginning, most investors are hopeful. Many believe that their savvy investment decisions are superior, and that they will become wealthy in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. There is also an irony here, which will be explained soon. First, let's take a look at two common investing mistakes. Simply by avoiding these two mistakes, you will have a much greater chance at success. Overtrading Overtrading simply refers to placing too many trades. In some cases, you will be charged for each trade, but that depends on the platform because some trading platforms now offer free trades. Even if the trades are free, the real pain comes from emotional decisions. If you're an individual trader and you're trading often, your odds of success are very low. Institutional traders can move retail traders often positions with ease. But even if you think everything is fair and square, when you trade to